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If you are looking for more than just a church home. Allow us to show you a church family!

About Us

The body of Christ in Wakefield believes God is refining our fire so we may share our light and save the lost to be one in Christ. Every plan, program, activity and class connects us to that central mission.

We Care

Do you sometimes wonder if anyone cares? Our world often seems pretty cold and heartless. Even relatives and friends become so preoccupied with their own affairs that they may appear to have little concern about us. We’d like you to know that as Christians we DO CARE!


You may have some questions. So please allow us an opportunity to answer them. We are not perfect, just forgiven, we look forward to hearing from you.

Meet our family

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Our Preacher

Pam & Clarence, have dedicated over thirty (30) years to the ministry of helping anyone. One of Clarence’s life philosophy’s, he will do anything but sin to help you see Jesus.
The Lord has blessed them with four (4) children and one grandchild. Clarence holds a B.B.S., Southeast Institute of Biblical Studies, Knoxville, TN and a B.Th., Theological University of America, Lake Worth, FL. Clarence & Pam enjoy spending time with family, including spoiling their grandson. They also enjoy just being together. Walks on the beach or playing a game (or two) of pool.

Our Family

Our Family

Loving each other

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Come One Come ALL

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3510 Tower Hill Road, 02879
Sunday: 10AM - 12PM / Bible Study and Worship
Tuesday, Wednesday & Thursday nights there are small group gatherings. Please contact for times, locations etc.  

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Clarence Campbell
(401) 932-8101
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